Life Goal: Dessert & Fitness Princess

Food, fitness and dog cuddles are basically what make up my beautiful life! As a classically trained baker, a self-motivated health and fitness chick, and a homebody who always has the travel itch, this is my creative outlet -- to provide a mix of healthy and slightly naughty recipes as well as some tips on how to be more comfortable in your skin. I love to share what I make and experience with my friends and family, so these pages will be your one stop shop!





Raised a New Englander in the wonderful state of Maine, baking has been a love of mine since I was allowed to play with the flour! Special thanks to my fabulous mother who ate all of my green cupcakes with a smile :) In the fall of 2016, my husband and I moved to Atlanta, Georgia! While it's no vacationland, I have learned that this city has its charm, is full of food, and has some of the nicest people I have met-which we will experience together!

I attended the University of Connecticut (go Huskies!) for undergrad, studying French and International Relations. There was countless hours of class, many adventurous months living in France, meeting my super cute fiancé, and baking. And during my final year at school I decided to apply to culinary school. 

The following fall, I began at the Culinary Institute of America in their Baking and Pastry Arts program, pursuing my passion of baking. With two degrees, what does one do? Baking was my immediate answer.







As I continue further into my personal health and wellness journey, I have started to see, and definitely feel, the effects of the endless batches of cookie dough that I have downed in the last 20+ years of my life. While I am currently dairy free and strive to be refined sugar free, I don't want that to make my daily life experiences any less exciting! I want you to all see, and learn, that you can still indulge, still enjoy all aspects of life, even if you have foods you can't eat due to them causing upset tummies, or you're trying to just be more health conscious, you can still be living your best life!

While I love food and fitness, traveling and eating are my other loves, which comes in handy when I'm trying to get some inspiration for my next endeavor.  With that being said, some of my recipes might border on traditional, some may be a little out there, but I will always provide easy to follow steps so you can create your own masterpieces at home. 

So get your oven mitts out and preheat your ovens because it's about to get sweet up in here!